Street Angels

As STREET ANGELS we’re out on the streets late on a weekend night to be there for people when we’re needed, particularly for those who are vulnerable or are in difficulty. Wearing our distinctive blue jackets we are visible presence on the streets helping to improve the safety of those who are using our bars, restaurants, theatres and public transport.

We’re building up relationships in our community, so that people know we are there to help and to be available to call the appropriate services if they are needed. As a church led team of volunteers we aim to demonstrate the practical love of Christ on our streets, but the team is people from all backgrounds. Not all of us go to church, but we all want to make our town a better place to be.

Could you be part of an enthusiastic team making a difference in Scarborough? You can also call us on 07906 835 276, leave a message and we’ll get back to you!

Alternatively you can call our admin office which is based in Kingdom Faith Church on 01262 470806.