A Christian conference
on prayer in Scarborough

In June, we came together as the whole body of Christ here in Scarborough for the Springtide weekend asking “Lord teach us how to pray”. Wasn’t it amazing to
experience the Spirit of God speaking through his people for the direction of the body of Christ here in this place! The Lord certainly spoke at this event and we have spent time thinking and praying through all that came out of the weekend and three obvious themes have emerged. The call for us to continue meeting together, to worship and pray as a whole body of Christ was very clear (and scriptural Heb 10.25). This spoke of the importance of our unity and that we should make every effort to grow the life of God that we hold in common. Finally, there is a purpose to meeting and for this unity, because the Lord is calling us together into mission. To that end, starting in September why not join us in worship and prayer on the 2nd Sunday of the month at St. Mary’s for the next three months. This isn’t to fossilise past experiences but to continue waiting on the Spirit of God for his call. What we hold in common is that we worship and experience God as Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Unity of the Trinity is the essence of the character of God. No surprises then that God’s Trinitarian character is the basis of our unity into which we are all baptised (Matt 28:19). It is from the creative and generous character of Father that the Son is sent in the Incarnation and the Spirit is sent at Pentecost. Both of those events provide a model for our response and equip the church sent by the Trinity for the mission of God in this world.

That is why the next three worship events will consider the character of the Trinity
to discern how the body of Christ can respond to this call to God’s mission for the
spiritual life of Scarborough. Using the same format as the weekend, our prayer
turns to ask “Lord, reveal your character” as we continue this adventure together.