Churches Together in Scarborough

St Mary’s with Holy Apostles is part of Churches Together in Scarborough which represents a wide spectrum of Christian churches and believes that God’s love transcends denominational boundaries and God’s blessing is upon those “who dwell together in unity”.

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A series of evening services on prayer in Scarborough

I wonder what will the Lord do among us in 2019? We are keen to build upon the autumn Springtide evenings: “Lord reveal your character.” It was wonderful that so many people committed themselves to the whole church and joined together in worship. Prayer happened in such a natural way as we explored different approaches to encountering God. There were very significant moments of solidarity and fellowship, of honesty and kindness. All of this was held as we approached God’s character as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and the implications of worshipping God as Trinity. Many remarked upon the sense of God’s presence among us, which is the most splendid and encouraging thing of all.

The Lord’s Prayer remains the most significant prayer, which we can gather round as one church here in Scarborough. Through it we have learned about the heart and character of God. Jesus goes on to use the phrase Daily Bread to teach us to ask for the resources that we need to equip our lives. This daily bread comes in several ways. We all need to eat and there is something simple and right about asking God for the Bread of Today to provide for our physical needs. However, “Give us this day our daily bread” is a strange sentence. It can be translated: “Give us tomorrow’s bread today.” Asking God for the Bread of Tomorrow is praying for something found only in the fulness of the Kingdom. By faith we can draw down from eternity the healing, the justice, and the wisdom that we lack today. Finally, bread is a sign supremely representative of Jesus. He is the Bread of Life broken for us once for all on the cross. As Jesus’ body, he invites us to follow him sharing his broken bread.

This introduces the next three Springtide evenings, which will continue on the 2nd Sunday of the month at St. Mary’s. Here we will ask of God, “Lord equip your people” specifically praying for the Bread of Today, the Bread of Tomorrow and the Bread of Life.

Events and activities both CTIS and individual churches

  • Prayer for Scarborough at Oliver’s Mount every second Saturday in the month.  All invited from across CTIS to attend and pray for Scarborough and surrounding area.  In very inclement weather, the meeting will be at Ebenezer Baptist Church.
  • Further CTIS steering group meetings, open to all, 19th March at 12.30pm in Northstead Methodist Church.