Home Groups

Home Groups are a key part of our church family life. They are small groups of about 8–12 people who normally meet weekly, at times to suit their members. They are an essential way of belonging and growing in Christ here at St Mary’s with Holy Apostles.

They provide a place where we can:
• build valuable relationships, as we pray and care for each other
• grow in understanding the Bible as we study it together and see how it impacts our work, our homes, our hearts
• share together – food, time, practical support
• encourage and spur each other on, when life is going well and when it’s not
• invite friends who want to know more about Jesus
• deepen our commitment to the life of St Mary’s with Holy Apostles

It’s possible to come along to Sunday services and feel a bit uninvolved – meeting with a Home Group will change that.

Monday afternoons (2nd and 4th) at 2pm Parish House, Auborough room
Tuesday evenings Richard & Janet Southam  tel: 865627
Wednesday evenings Janet Whitehead tel: 377837
Thursday evenings Keith Revell tel:364800
Friday evenings – Discipleship group Kimberlee and John Waring 07906419918/07581690778

To find out more about our Home Groups and to find one to join, contact the leaders, chat with others in church or call the Church Office (01723 500541)