Alpha ‘Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. No pressure. No follow up. No charge.’  During the weekly evening meetings we watch a lively DVD about Christian faith, then get into small groups where we can ask any questions. Finish at 9.15 pm. 

ALPHA UPDATE – 2017  The Archbishop is coming to town! He’s coming to Scarborough to conduct an evangelistic mission during the weekend of Friday 13 to Sunday 15 October. To provide a follow on to this mission we shall be running an Alpha Course at Parish House starting on Wednesday 15 November. The course will run each Wednesday evening until 13 December. There will then be a break over Christmas and the course will then resume on Wednesday 3 January and finish on 7 February 2018.

Internationally there are currently 55,000 Alpha courses in 169 countries throughout the world. Nationally in a recent IPSOS MORI survey of residents of Great Britain 25% of people recognised Alpha as being a Christian course. God is using the Alpha Course as a very effective way of communicating the message that He wants to give of faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, the saviour that He provided.

Here in Scarborough God is also using the Alpha Course to draw people to Himself. Following the last two Alpha Courses at St Mary’s and Holy Apostles we are delighted that groups who have completed the course have stayed together and we now have two successful Beta groups of people wanting to go forward in their faith. God will do what He will do and His kingdom will increase; “Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end.” (Isaiah 9:7) We praise the Lord for the way He has used Alpha in the past to draw people to Himself and for the way He continues to do that because He is a God of increase.

Alpha is a great opportunity for any one wanting to explore the Christian faith to do so in a way which is non-threatening, very accessible, in a warm and friendly environment. The course covers subjects such as; Who is Jesus? Why and how do I pray? How does God guide us? Does God heal today? A different subject is covered each evening over an 11 week period with an away day on a Saturday mid-way through the course to look at the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

Each session begins with a meal we share together, we then hear a talk on the subject for that evening and then we break into small groups to discuss what we have heard. The small groups provide the opportunity for everyone to ask or say whatever they want. No question is too “off the wall” to be asked; everyone’s contribution is valued.

Some comments from those who have recently completed a course;

“Why Alpha? For me, it reaffirmed the longing to get to know Jesus more and more and helped me to move forward in my quest as a new Christian.” (Wendy)

“The sessions were very friendly and I felt I could ask anything without feeling stupid.” (Brian)

Alpha is a really brilliant way to find out what Christian faith is all about. If you’d like to find out more or join our next course please let our church administrator know (500541).